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Manufacturer Oakwood Veneers In Bengaluru, Manufacturer Oakwood Veneers In Bengaluru

Manufacturer Oakwood Veneers In Bengaluru

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Oak Veneer are produced by exposing European Oak Veneers to ammonia (NH3) fumes in a closed cubicle. In this process, Veneer obtains a weathered appearance and on completion of the entire process, the color obtained is in contrast to other untreated or dyed wood/veneer. The final veneer obtained are almost resistant to ageing and the effects of light. Also the physical properties of the wood are improved by the end i.e. it becomes more elastic, less brittle and easier to work and process.

Because of the manufacturing process, one side of the oak veneer tends to be darker than the other, and there this veneer is not supplied book matched , but slip matched, reverse slip matched or random matched.